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About Us

The idea behind this is for everyone to be able to have a better way to be centralized and communicating in one location. I get questions all the time regarding people in search of artits or other players, singers, places to play, sound, lighting, DJ’s, entertainment questions all around.

Here are the basic concepts-

-Bands and artists can reach out to club/venue owners and vice versa so both parties can easily schedule dates and arrange details.

-Creative people can easily converse with others for a number of various reasons

-Businesses, Vendors, Companies can be resourcefully available to the public.

-General public can check app, website, or page to see all the events in their area. Basically, “what’s going on tonight?!”,

-Everyone can comment or share events on the site as well as being able to give reviews

There is a lot more involved but that is a general outline of what this is. I would say lets just start inviting people and get together to see what happens! Everyone is invited.

Thanks everyone,

Steven Bearsley